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Always enjoy your style.

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If your interested in a commission shoot me an email. Hi dude! Comics you think about? Too Young : P. By the way, she is commemorating 33 years Thanks for your reply! Yet, I think you would be the first :.

You're welcome. I'm wating for the rest of them. I like your work, here and on your blog. I'd like to see more science fiction, space girls! I tuoi lavori sono semplicemente fantastici! Farai mai una versione futanari dei tuoi disegni su League of Legends?

Avendo tempo farei anche una ganassa femmina di tutti i personaggi maschili ma purtroppo e perfortuna sono incasinatissimo di lavoro.

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comics Grazie comunque :. And yet on HF hm? BTW: It's Bethezer from devianart here. Awesome work i high inspiration! Ti interessa una sceneggiatura? Ciao caro, al momento sono pieno di lavoro e quindi non potrei lavorarci, ma se karrine steffans porn inviarmela posso dargli una occhiata ed un parere. Hi, have u send the mail? Sure, as soon ganassa wil do it! Hallo Ganassa! Maybe 4 money. I hope there'll be another chapter!

Is there gonna be anymore Zoey II? Will we be seeing anymore Zoey II?

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Awesome work i hope one day i can ask you for a commissions. Everytime i see your arywork i allways fall in love with the girl. Seen nothing lkike it before! Definitely my new favorite artist! Do you also do non-porn? Just check out my DA account! Great job on Left4Dead. I am at an utter loss for words to describe just how beautiful your work is.

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There exists no such word to truly give my meaning ganassa Simply stunning and breathtaking! Wow, thnx :. Not that I am making a requet, since I don't have money : famous huge boobs, but the Nova Mistress of blades comic was pretty good, it would be awesome if you could continue it. You create really nice artworks and i also love the fact that give most of your girls well shaved patch of pubic hair, it's damn sexy!

One of these days I'm gunna have to get you to draw Nanako. Send me a private message, at your service. You are a great artist, I will be fallowing your work. He's not going to do requests for free, you know. There is no harm in asking. The worst comics can say is no. Your art is absolutely divine, my friend.

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All women you draw are incredibly sexy. Keep on being awesome. Well said. Yes, send me an email to ganassa. I'm gonna lose my mind when you post your art of Sweet Pea from Sucker Punch. Any chance you're gonna do a pic comics Valera from Gears 3 Raam's Shadow? Hi, send me an email :. Your work is awesome, nuff said:. Love ur gears work please make more. Congrats on your publishing on Unemaro's wiki site. If you don't mind the question, why you never made a bikini Soraka? Bikini fauno? Do you comics if I take the task?

Very stunning work. Crazy nice artworks! You wonderful works in the gallery! Ah ganassa, I've been having so much fun reading the ganassa kerris dorsey topless legends forums whenever hot sexy gay guys bikini art pops up. Always the same jawdropping reactions. Eheh, ty :. You the man! Love the stuff man! You should continue the gears series like with the locast queen or Bernie!

Your work is amazing, more shemales please! Still think your work is just too beautiful. I like how you can draw women like Supergirl and MK's Jade as soft rather than muscular most of the timeyet still have them somehow look like they could kick mountains of ass. The way you draw breasts is also amazing.

I'm not sure if that's intentional or not, but I think it makes for a beautiful and more sexualized appearance without looking like two soccer balls bolted high football xxx a woman's chest. Given that I play an elf OC, I also think it's awesome that you're doing ganassa book on ganassa elves, so keep up the amazing, beautiful, sexy work!

I've seen your work before and I just realized it was you, and well, big fan! Thnx :. Someone has done that video with my works :. Hi Ganassa, did ya get that email I sent you? I comics asking about the prices for a colored comic page. Hello I just saw ur lara pic,its really sexy and awesome coloring : I know u take comissions but i just wanna ask I hope u wont mind Thanx Your work is awesome Btw did u got comics replies Lovefoxx? Also i got some stories too but i never share them on the internet ganassa All Julia based.

I love your work, It's fantastic! Ganassa, could you make a pic where's rain and alice from Resident Evil are "making out"? Watch your ass! Great comic I love it! I wanna see more League of Legends pics :D.

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For eternity. You are, by far, my favorite artist on HF. Oh, TY :. Every time I fav one of your pictures, you always take the time ganassa come to my page and thank me. Well thank ganassa. You do wonderful work. I knew there was a reason why I subbed to you and comics because you make some damn fine art! You're welcome, great artwork. No problem man, you do great work. Ganassa I was wondering Iwould love that :. Try as I might, I still can't find any Marvel girls hentai that gets even close to the 'Emma Frost files' series I just love all your art!

Especially the awesome League of Legends Ones. Lavoro fantastico il mio amico. Thanks for the images, but at this time i do not make request.

Can't help it, it pushes all the right buttons on me. Loved every one of them! I was wondering could you work on a private piece of mines as a free request. It's Naruto related of course but it's also rated M and hentai.

I want a Sasuke x Harem piece. The reason I want this is because I wanted to show it on Danbooru and upload it as a comics Danbooru piece for the Comics section. Since Naruto has harem pic, why not Sasuke. I hope you consider my proposal because you are very good and artist. I was wondering, is that you or another of your great characters in your pic? Dove posso trovare tutto l'Elven Dreams? Ho cercato in giro senza successo. Su Amazon o sui negozi online che vendono fumetti comics.

Buon lavoro e saluti, Alessandro. Your art is incredible, Ganassa. It's also inspiring! Awesome work on those Egyptian girls pinups :. Guy ganassa I had sex whit a motorbike! Guy 1: nice Guy 1: so how did you do it, the motorbike thing? Guy 2: ok first of all, i was drunk, i had my pants down and i was aroused, then my wife caught me in the act! Guy 1: and you got Jailed just for that? Guy 2: yes, the police said i was crazy! Guy 1: why? Guy 2: because she is a Picup Truck! Hello "Ganassa" I'm starting to post more pictures of the Agent's of Dreams, I would love to be able to have your support as I appreciate your work, thanks!

Great, wonderful gallery, I really love your vivid colours and style, and your gorgeous women; thank you so much for sharing. I saw on your blog you released your book, "Elves Dreams". What's the word on an English release? Your art fanny and naked top-notch, though I can't help but find the way you draw faces and color strange. Hey :D Are you going to make another Left 4 Dead comic?

The last one was fucking great Keep up the good art. I love it. You've easily become my comics artist, couldn't come a better time everyone I used to like has been lacking or went a completely different way I don't approve anymore. Great work! You are one of the best artists i have ever seen, the detail ganassa color change and shading is quite impressive.

You deffinatly have a large grasp on the most attractive physics of women and facial expressions. Keep up the good work, I cant wait to see more. Thank you young man. I thought your drawing, very funny and cool. The biggest issue now is that I made the mistake of flippin paying for a comm And going through prior replies, I think its happened to quite a few ganassa. I was supposed to be 2nd next in line for a commission based on emails we exchanged back and forth almost homemade anal sex years back and still haven't heard despite a few follow up emails.

That 2nd in line communication was itself nearly one year after initial outreach, which is fine. He communicated he had a wait list and I was totally fine with that. It's a shame, because I still prefer his work enough that I'd be willing to wait aika honmono it if I could get a definitive timeframe and guarantee I'd hear back on the commission but at this point, it seems like we exgf gif have to look elsewhere.

There's just few else that match his quality and even fewer who offer comic commissions.

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Thank you for sharing your talents with us here. I really enjoy the style you use to portray so many kick-ass women! Hey, just so you'll know: TinyPic is officially dead, so you may want to change the broken images. Hey, I am not sure how to reach you, other than through here. I'd very much like some comics on the Star Wars commission? You sent me the sketch in the middle of June and since then the whole contact just broke ganassa. I would be happy with at least a status update?

Or anything? In Reference to Rainbow Six, have you thought about drawing some of the emily procter sex comics Operators? I just ganassa to say that I enjoy all of your art, that I find all of them sexy, and that I appreciate all the effort you put into making them. I hope life treats you well, that you have a nice day, and that you keep doing what you enjoy. Hey Ganassa, are you going to do a piece for the new Nomad operator in R6S? Recent Pictures.

Ganassa X Power Girl bondage commission. R6S Nomad - Patreon public post. Patreon Public post Soul Calibur Ivy. Favorite Pictures Sex-Arcade Booth Scarlet Witch. Favorite Artists' Recent Submissions. Orgy Afterglow. Peach's Change-room Early Adopter Pack. Patreon Halloween Kortiki Kenshas: 14 Blazing wings: Comments You are not authorized to comment here. Can you respond to my ganassa, please. Its been several months. I've been waiting comics a response since summer, as well. Finally got my pictures! Did you interacialpass com your reply finally?

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