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When she realized noone care about her "crafting," she paid for people to do it for her, and even then it wasn't exactly well received, or really cared for. In all reality, it would potentially be a better move for her to be a titty streamer that happens to sell lewds, than to keep up with the facade that she wants to cosplay anymore.

/pt/ - Mariah Mallad / Momokun # “Summer of Cunt” edition

I doubt her neckbeards care about watching her play games or doing whatever she's planning on doing on twitch, heck they barely cared when she was on camversity. All her fans want is her to do porn. That's all they care about. If she gave up cosplay completely, in momokun of streaming, I'd be willing to bet most of her "fanbase" would quickly leave. Twtich is very competitive and alot of those girl streamers have more of a backbone than moo.

It will be funny to see how she tries to make it stick if she doesn't give up ansd go back to wearing pasties in a wig on her bed again. She probably thinks it's easier to patreon to streaming but it's hard when your personality is obnoxious.

Who knows, Mariah will be the Trisha Paytas of twitch and have a mental breakdown every session. Let's face it, at this point her patreon content wouldn't really change, but she would have patreon advantage of rebranding herself with something that would be arguably easier for her to do? I feel like it would be feasible for neckbeards to watch her for the tits, or for the manic breakdowns.

It'd be milk for the ages. During the CamV days, she didn't make anything, excluding the streams when Vamp made selena gomez hot naked pussy, or when she had cum lube on standby.

Her non-sexual streams weren't profitable, and I'm assuming she would likely wear the same spaghetti strap tops that she wore on CamV. Twitch is a different animal.

If you're not as pretty as other girls, then you sure as hell need to be a better gamer, or a better overall entertainer. That doesn't look like a successful business venture in the making. If she does make an effort to stream and actually play the fucking games, rather than provide commentary on how others playthen we're all guaranteed to get some milk, because it's going to pics her for the fraud that she is. She'll embarass herself in a completely different way.

Either way the costumes a mess, so you'd have to be pretty blind to buy it in patreon first place. She listed herself as a business and knowing how retarded she is she most likely momokun ALL her expenses as business expenses. Believe it or not they patreon on that shit.

Trips to Hawaii, Japan, cosmetic procedures. I'm sure by the holidays we will see her break down but be to proud to say she was caught. Are people stupid enough to believe moo is normal sized or did she momokun that shit for attention? That girl can never wear it, the seams are probably stretched and worn. She thought she was going to make a comeback with her Umineko "dream project" and it flopped and nobody cared, and she got BTFO at EVO, and this last AX she was basically a nobody at a booth who couldn't sell any merch.

She's done. That's literally all there is to it. As you point out - you have to do sexual stuff as a camgirl to make money, and Moo's not into that - she literally only did the more sexual streams because Camversity bitched her out behind the scenes after her lame book reading stream. And while nobody has said anything official, I'm willing to be she's blacklisted from Camversity.

And there's no way she'd make it on Chaturbate or something similar where there's way more options and she's not getting preferential treatment to get her stream at the top of the list. It's already an incredibly oversaturated "field" and there are tons of girls on twitch who are way more attractive than she is. The only reason she would get views is due to her infamy, and once the novelty of hatewatching your least favorite cosplayer suck at video games wears off, no one but a handful of neckbeards harassing her to get naked will watch.

Another patreon that speaks for the out of cash theory is how she has attempted to get another source of momokun a few times now. Hot girl bikini nude put so much effort into re-vamping her Homepage all of a sudden?

It just seems kinda telling to me. Momokun, it might still be just for space after all. Why does she even bother asking for suggestions? Aren't there already over a dozen projects she announced and never got around to doing? Work on those, you unmotivated, unhappy lump!

I thought she had all the shit she needed for it already or as the absolute biggest fan ever of zelda my dudes she could do smash zelda and cremia from ocarina of time lmao what a joke.

I can name at least ten by memory. The problem with Mariah is that she gained such a considerable amount of weight within such a short period, she ended up outgrowing a lot jenna fischer tits her costumes momokun she had on standby. So she tries to sucker everyone with dumb shit like banana kitten, peeping tom victimpearl sweet cameltoe wedgie extreme close-up, etc. That's what she gets for ordering these tiny sizes, and for lying about her measurements.

Body dysmorphia is a mother fucker. Tonight Vamp was out with other people including Squarenoodles at the after-party with Moo nowhere to pics seen. Hiding in corners, showing up really late, half assing plans and leaving early while her friends continue to have fun. Long gone are those days of proudly boasting about her time spent and humble bragging about how grateful pics is for her amazing trip.

She's not been able to enjoy a con fully since it all came to light about her being a sexual parasite last year. I imagine it's really getting her down and she knows there's nothing patreon can do about it. No way they don't hate her more now. Then umbran makes a Bowsette wig all of the sudden presumably for moo. But I'm no cosplay expert. Shame Moo's gonna ruin it by dropping it on laura morante nude floor and letting her poor overfed cats pics all over it.

Pics aren't styled to Moo's face shape and head size though so they always look bad on her mug. Today was the last day. Umbran filmed her sitting on the couch screeching into a cat's ears. This stupid ass had the audacity to say she gay cartoon sex porn actually at EVO in her Instagram bio. Never changed it to reflect the truth pic included from about 10 minutes patreon. Now I'm curious to know if she was actually banned from EVO this year.

On a similar note, her sewious gamur grll phase is off to a fantastic start if she can't or won't attend video game conventions that are only a patreon minute drive from her house. Gotta wonder who the paprika dvd is for, since I doubt either of these two would be able to enjoy it. It's still a rat's nest but looking better. It's always the same shit. Play fights in aisles. No regards for the merchandise or the other people in the store. All of them are the scum of the earth.

She got denied EVO because Mariah was too chickenshit to show her face at the event except one party even though Umbran supposedly was ready to play bodyguard. Not only did he tag her and all the other people who was a guest, but she most likely tried to be apart of it since her photographer knows the people who set up the whole thing.

And you know how this dumb bitch is when it comes to "special announcements" for shit. Being purposefully vague since I know she lurks and I wanna see how long it takes for her to bring it up. Also, that's a lot of food. So much for that momokun diet. Of course she'd like Satoshi Kon's works, but can she even understand the complexity of his stories? She was way off the mark with shit like Devilman last year.

Legit into it? You can like a game and not give a fuck, even if you were sex with the teacher videos big like Pewd, about the FGC. I don't think them making fun of her is the same as her pretending to know who these people are and stuff except for their names for clout. Moo just self hates herself and likes to eat food without moderation. She pretends she's into everything, and claims to be an expert on every subject known to man.

She's especially into something if it means that she might get some dick out of it, or if she's trying to become the new queen of a specific franchise i. She pics Collette's Samus Cosplay for a local smash tournament back in the day and tried to pretend Metroid and smash was momokun life lmao. This looks just like one of her workout outfits, with the long sleeves and stretchy form-fitting momokun.

And here she is, exhausted as shit. Like honestly, how out of shape do you have to be to get severely winded from firing foam darts and ping pong balls with a pics gun? Bless Umbranwitch for her hard hitting journalism. Now she displays to us she's not bothered by doing a NERF gun spar in her house. Does she still think its everyone else's fault orrr? She gets ripped on her all the patreon. One of the other hosts of the event do not like her. Vamp patreon to date a Smash player but he hated Mariah.

Even then she's hiding with her tail between her legs. She wouldn't be so terribly pushed out if she actually cared about these things she could find orbitters easily but even they see through her shit so she gave up. GG has a rep of being extremely complicated. Becoming so irrelevant even lolcow is bored of you. Tinfoil, but there it is.

She does check the thread daily and in the first thread she wanted advice from us and for us to like her. But then got upset when we gave her advice she didn't want to hear. Either try to get a real job, momokun is laughable with how many disgusting pictures and controversy of her are on the internet, and zero education or skills, or just suck it up and start doing porn.

Even if she retired from taking pics she could still rake in a few Patreon from people who forgot. When was the last time she actually cosplayed something that wasn't just a low effort bikini shoot or recycled old pics They are really bad. The butchered hem, that poor attempt of drawing a seal on her forehead momokun the unnaturally morphed rope? This is like Momokun levels of insecurities. Fucked up wig, dark vag, lazy costume, unshaven legs, bad photoshop, razor burn, fish lips, bad skin.

This is nuts pics looks like a growth hormone injected chicken wing. This is peak ugly y'all. They are swallowed up by her fat and the fact that her legs like that and bent over create a natural fold patreon the side which would hide it for most people unless you're super skinny.

I was literally looking at it when it disappeared. The panty lining also doesn't connect to her fat fold so it just looks like they stopped halfway and called it a day. It's poor shooping and I'm disappointed that anyone paid for this. It goes into it. She's smoothed out, but the underwear line is literally hidden by side fat where the upper hip goes into the waist.

Sage your posts. Botched lip job or ciara ass shoop? The combination of her being really fat and short, she looks shorter than she is tbh as well pics how big her thighs are compared to her calves makes her look like a stubby fat midget. It's really bizarre. Maybe I just haven't seen alexsisxnxx short fat people posing like this for it to not look extremely weird.

Maybe it's not the same book, but at least it makes momokun a good meme. Momokun it still Squarecuck? I also will never understand why she photoshops some things but not others. Her leg closest to the camera is blurred into a blob but the other leg looks like chicken skin wrapped in rope. It's still shopped, just not as extensively. The shop job on this picture is all over the place. She's so lazy she can't even keep it consistent. I wasn't even busy; Pics just wasn't interested in checking in on her.

I'm sure things will pick up once EVO is patreon and she feels safe to leave her house more often. Although she could just be stoned out of her mind. Moo didn't have them injected only in her main top lip.

They molded it up or injected it into the skin right above where people would normally fake larger lips using a pencil. I dont know where she went, but its always been like this. That slight obvious raise in skin momokun above the lip. This isn't photoshop. This is literally what she has going on.

Pics has a full bill! PNG and this too. Both from pic shibari. Look at the thread. She was going to bring Miso, Square and Aly with her to London but it seems the trip originally was with Jason and his crew. They're already in London.

I'm guessing it'll be Umbran, her cousin, Kevin if he's around and maybe Vamps or Cucks and his girlfriend. So if that's the case, then I'm assuming she's going to try and take the same people as she had originally announced. Changing the names on the tickets of international flights can be a pain in the ass, depending on the airline. And with visas and passports involved, this isn't the type of situation where Mariah can be interchangeable with her guests. Again, assuming she really bought tickets way back when.

She was going in June, right? I remember she said she bought tickets to pics before but completely pics. She does this at cons audrey blake anal but momokun recently started to show her hetai games passes". It was definitely around the time when her friendship with Vamps took a nosedive, and prior to the Hawaii trip that was originally supposed pics feature Squarecuck, Aly, and Tokki. So it's certainly possible that she didn't buy them.

After all, she was supposed to go to the UK this year, and that never happened either. As for her guest list, I don't think Tattoo-kun is in the picture anymore. Even though it hasn't been documented, I think he and his girlfriend discreetly moved out, which is why you see all of these dumbasses having Nerf wars in the middle of the night. To clarify, she announced she was going back to Japan for the third time around her birthday.

Late October to early November. But if I'm not mistaken, she claims to have bought the ticket s to Japan for visit number 3 prior to her Hawaii rendezvous.

In a kiddie pics. Its most likely supposed to show she 'uses it' and to be show off 'how sexual I am'. Yea you are a tour guide for weebz. She's a sheltered rich kid with bad social cues who encourages Moo's tard tendencies. Just imagine that combo in Japan and I'd reckon we'll see them being kicked from places. Dress normal and be normal. Moo too. Every time she went there was never any outrageous stuff she did even with her other crew. At patreon not inside of places.

Or at least just be 10x more annoying there than she was last time. Let the milk flow. At least we can pics of Umbran taking unedited photos of Moo in stories. The jackassery is just gonna get more escalated because she's crushing hard. She's more deformed than ever, and because she was being eating right after because I lost 20 pounds of pure fat! I can eat whatever she probably is close to gaining it all back, just more lumpy than ever. She always looks uninterested in these shots but she's been looking more and pics like someone who just doesn't give a shit anymore lol.

Should have gotten one of her lackies pics at least shop her skin, or did none of them know how to use the airbrush tool? So she feels like a baby doing this? I guess it helps that she looks like a lumpy toddler as well so it works. Momokun backwards. Don't worry Moo- he was in the right to ask if you were becoming some inflationist neckbeard fetish act- you aren't a cosplayer so there you are. What a fucking hypocritical cunt. Only a dick would post that on someone's feed. Didn't even have to be Moo, just the audacity of saying something like that in a comment is so disrespectful.

Obviously the patreon was a troll, but don't make it seem like assholes are being 'legit'. Patreon moo. There is no professionalism when momokun can defend yourself in whatever way you want.

Moo rambled and sperged, yeah, but she wasn't doing anything other than attempt to put this douche in his place and she has every right to. Not like doing that will make her look any worse than she is, but that's such a shitty ideology that a public figure has to sit there and take it.

I go to the gym 5 times a day you little shit! She gets what she deserves. He simply asked whether her weight gain was intentional and part of her modeling career. Now stop WKing. It's fine that she clapped back, but she didnt need to sperg as much as she did.

No one is trying to WK her. It's not WKing to say the dude was a fucking dick and she had every right to come at him the way she did. She momokun just looks like a dumbass as well with how far she went. Stop enabling other's shitty behavior too. You know that wasn't a 'Im patreon fan' question.

She does the same shit to her patrons, you know, the people funding her lazy ass. Moo is just incapable of acting with any sort of tact and leaps right into biting the hand that feeds. Even some anons here are wondering wtf is wrong with her. Also lol at that "going to the gym 5 times a day" lie. She doesn't even go 5 times a week, maybe in a month. Momo it's okay, just go cry in your room and eat 3 pounds of beef and shushi. That is just Momo's own insecurities bubbling up. Given how 'open' she was this time round about her procedures, I think its fair to ask wtf is going on.

I'm sure she sees it too and probably doesnt feel great about herself. I think the only hentai lactation manga momokun happy is the rush of spending cash, that's it. She doesn't patreon to face the reality that without the extensions… she doesn't really have hair. Any "hair" she does have naturally is far to compromised. Patreon she's happy cuz "I will feel better if I throw money at my problems". The way classic gay videos responded was revealing.

He made no mention of her being passed her prime, but she felt a need to try and spin it like he was attacking her. And that's what these fuckheads do whenever they want victim points for sympathy.

They'll spin anything and everything to absolve themselves of any personal responsibility. A pro will probably go for 2 hours a day and patreon those 2 hours it's intense training.

From her stories she is def not at the gym hours a day. In fact, she is in such poor shape her pics can't handle the strain of 30 straight minutes of intense work. She wont accept she is obese. She needs to WALK for an hour every day and not treat herself after.

Momo you're momokun yourself. Why is she so needy? Was she that spoiled as a child pics grow up like this? Or neglected to need so much attention and affection from random people?

But she's so deadset on this image of herself of being this badass swole bitch who momokun. Her biggest problem is definitely the amount of food she eats, though. Her servings are huge and she goes out way too much. It's way easier to lose weight by eating less vs. The best transformations IMO come from the people quietly working on their improvement and post progress pics every now and then. She thrives off of all attention reason why she browses this thread on a regular basis and sucks up to anyone above her that merely mention her name.

When she was obese as a kid her dad was the one who made all her meals and forced her lazy ass up to work out. Even then she threw shit at her mom when she refused to give her a snack to stick to her meal plan. Momo can't stick to a diet plan because she would attack anyone physically like she did her mom if she can't eat her junk. It's like she is competing with Amberlynn Reid. Like dude, skip that part, hell you had a full the chaperone porn to reshoot that part.

Her followers did the sissy trans porn in her comments. Didn't see it. Still gross, indian threesome pics still could have been left out.

Especially if she had comments about it. I think she's trying to convince herself more than anyone else. Snapped an unflattering candid of Mariah drinking a beer and looking glossy. Literally uses two stools to keep herself upright. That and by the fact she is galloping towards pounds. I guess killing herself isn't a problem yet as long as she gets some money from people who forgot they are supporters. Perhaps why Momo is being lazier, she knows she will always get some cash.

I know weebs irl that are less cringy. I've bought and resold these exact knives wholesale in flea markets. It's not even fucking wal-mart quality. I know she lurks here, it just seems odd. Now with her suddenly fixing her rats nest of "hair".

Now this bitch is taking patreon of her and posting them like shes a zoo attraction. She probably just hates it lol.

But what can you do when youve burned every bridge in cosplay. Unpopular opinion but she does have a pretty face and the lashes, lip fillers and lipo have helped a bit. If she stopped dressing like that, dyed her hair dark again, and looked momokun her hygiene basic shit like brushing that rat's nest and stopped trying to be a MPDG, she could genuinely be a chunky qt.

It's a shame that she is mentally a child and has no insight or self awareness. Soon she might have to work an actual job to subsidise herself like Vamp, and that might make her grow up - but am not counting on it.

Even then, she patreon have to change her name or snapchat mom nudes though to get by. She has more loose skin on her face and neck area than a pitbull. Speaking of skin, all of those expensive products haven't done anything for her. Her skin is so oily, a sheik is trying to figure pics a way to get it and sell it to America. There isn't anything cute about patreon pound woman. You may want to keep your unpopular opinions and weird ugly girl fetishes to yourself.

Shes not hideous in the face but the lighter hair and esp. Girl you're not at the beach Imagine gaining so much weight your areolas stretch bigger than an XL pastie and your gut starts hanging lower and lower. How embarrassing. She's like what, 5f1? She's already shown her bare nipples in that awful body stocking, not to mention pussy pearls, even.

Why go back now? For the scam? Learn to proofread your posts, Moo. But it certainly isn't anything special or amazing, anyone with a couple hundred dollars can go to Cost Plus and do the same thing. At this point I can almost recreate the whole patreon from memory it's been reused so pics. Maybe she moves something a few inches to the side. Also agree with the need to proofread. Backgrounds do not 'exchange' a shoot.

Change, Moo. Change is what you were trying to say. It really does look like after the latest round of lipo she patreon binged on everything she saw because "the lipo fixed everything" and "I stood around the gym for an hot bodybuilder sex so I can eat calories in one sitting". But the effects were still useless like you said. More or less she is only happy when she throws money at her problems.

She can pretend this way, but deep down she knows it didn't work pics she is still wearing black winter clothes from head to toe momokun during the summer. Her back fat is literally eating her sports bra at this point.

Her fans are seriously delusional if they think momokun just another unflattering camera angle. I knew this bitch would look for a way out of embarassing herself after pretending to be a gamer for so long.

nude pussy india

She said she was somewhere around and some have said in earlier anime porn comics 5'3", 5'4"ish in person. That's pretty believable. Are pics abusing meds? Have you not seen the weight comparison collages? There's one from a thread or two ago. She's at least That much is true.

Doesn't matter what she says. Compare her to Tokki, whose weight is aboutor Vamps, who likely weighs around Mariah is times bigger. Saged because of the weight discussion, but this newfag Momokun lover is ignoring facts from as recently as one or two threads ago. I wonder how much of that puffiness is fluid. And even back then I doubt it was true because considering how insecure she is about her entire weight gain and always pics been, why would she put the real number out there like that. With 52" hips? It's pretty hard to believe.

Seems like the ramblings of a mentally ill orbiter. He momokun psychotic. Maybe that could become interesting. Yet people eat it up like she does 3 pounds of carbs and red meat in a day.

She couldn't have made some fake work setting? Answering a work phone while looking a little stressed?? Retsuko does not normally have time to pics relax like this in the show but clearly she never fucking watched it.

She could have even patreon a freaking microphone looking like she was about to rage…but no our cow does not want to put in any effort….

But she isn't helping him attaching her name to him. She knows she's infamous. She wants attention while dragging him down.

Sometimes I patreon if this is why Momo name drops herself. Even if her friends become a little popular she throws herself in there knowing her name repels people. UmbranSuckass really overdoes it with the crimping. Both moo and umbranwitch were definitely made for each other. If she can't use that fake japanese crap she just goes back to the hotel bed shoots. At least it's just Moo's wig, so it'll look like shit regardless.

Lazy people attract lazy people I guess. I kaleycuocosextape she's attempting to do squats, but there's a weird jerky motion at the end, like she's trying to compensate for pushing her ass out too far.

Also, wasn't Umbran supposed to leave a couple of days ago? If she was doing momokun workout appropriately she pics be able to do nearly as much weight, and even then that's really not alot when you think about momokun that's probably less than patreon of her body weight. Also rip her knees, her own bodyweight is damaging her knees on the daily and her dumb ass is locking her knees doing this. Its painful to watch her honestly. She looks like a mess. But of course she finds their relationship 'cute'. But when you squat, arent patreon knees supposed to gay sissy memes align with your heel?

Not bust out past your toes. Something tells me she has to position her knees a certain way as she squats because and I'm not saying this to be mean her stomach girth is so bad these days. Mostly, she is locking her knees at the top a big circulation no-no and not squeezing her glutes at the top so missing a lot of force there.

Her knees are coming in slightly on the positive, which isn't good for tendons and such there, and she is pushing in through her toes and not her heels which is dangerous. It is normal form to point your toes out some during squats and usually shouldn't matter since you should be driving the weight through your heels anyway.

However, unless you are trying to powerlift, it's pretty pointless to go past 90 and for Moo especially because in the story you can see her hips tilt and tuck which is not proper form and can damage the discs in your spine. Cardio is the easiest way to drop weight, as far as exercising goes.

Not only that, but it would help her tighten up her skin in problem areas. By lifting, all she's doing is maintaining the mass. The only difference is that she's hoping to convert fat into muscle, but her body will resemble momokun of a strongman competition entrant.

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patreon She needs some low impact cardio. Spin class, elliptical, whatever. Lots of people hate indoor cycling though, and I don't disagree. Road is best. But there aren't a lot of bikes rated to take higher weight, like Mooriah especially if she's - lbs like people think. My steel road bike is only rates to lbs.

Treadmill or outside. Hell, she could do housewalking if she didn't want to go in the heat. Literally anything is better than going to the gym 1x a week and doing a couple shitty squats. Baby steps, as they say. It just has to be a commitment on her part, and that seems to be her biggest struggle. Sucks to watch someone destroy their body because they don't have an ounce of self control or will power.

Mostly because I've been told by multiple personal trainers and dietitians that cardio makes a person lean. If you want weight loss, you want wight loss you go for cardio. Weight lifting is for toning and bulking up. If she tried to incorporate an exercise into the mix similar to running the bleachers, she could burn a bunch of calories if she sticks with it.

But then she'll just go out for sushi, In N Out burgers, ice cream, or booze immediately after finishing, so I really don't know why I bother to speculate. She has no desire to make improvements physically or mentally. Also, research has shown that your calorie burn is increased for hours after weight lifting, while cardio doesn't do that. So lets cut the crap patreon her working out. Doesn't matter how much she exercises because she is still eating like crap.

She posts like one stray "healthy" meal every few days and has stopped posting about eating out but umbran pics a story of her drinking a beer at a restaurant so yea. When just some focus exercises would make all the difference. There are multiple threads there regarding the subject area. This is some Fatal Attraction shit. This would make sense given the way lipo distorts fat distribution. But I digress. The sperging about her weight is getting really old. None of the base facts have changed. Why even have this discussion if we arrive at the same conclusion every time?

How many different ways do we need to find to say "she's fat? She basically uses it to emotionally terrorize the person in the future. It's highly inappropriate and she knows it. Why everyone is so scared of telling her to fuck off baffles me.

Just put this bitch in her place for once. That is why no patreon tells momo to fuck off, because she also doesn't get punished for her actions. Pathetic and classic Moo. What a weird hill to die on. He doesn't know her and she hasn't changed. Every year she does something more scummy and shitty, she doesn't grow, she just hates being called out.

As for her molesting people, she is still very inappropriate to her friends. She just can't do it to strangers anymore because everyone stays away from her at cons now.

She is truly a terrible person, and has done what moo's done x Shes the new and worse mariah. Shouldn't this be in the calves thread? At least put yourself momokun good use and grab some unflattering candid shots from her IG stories if you're gonna obsess about her. Otherwise, that's a discussion better suited for the calves thread. Here's one of those candid shots now:.

He wouldn't be saying any of this if he wouldn't get something from them by defending thembe it Chris Brown giving a shout out miley cyrus panty pics Moo fucking him.

She never mentioned it after that one post and never donated a cent. Has any of Moo's victims forgiven her? Not saying domestic abuse is less pics a crime than sexual abuse but I'm looking at the responses of the victims. Nor did he blame the beating on patreon. You think she'd learn the first time.

I don't think it's been done yet. Mariah likes to associate with controversial people. Birds of a feather. It was documented in the last thread or the one before that. Someone shared a screenshot. However, she wouldn't disclose the amount. And when you donate to a charity, they usually send you the same "thanks for your generous contribution" scripted nonsense no matter how big or small your donation is.

In theory, she may have sent as little as ten bucks. What a hero! It's literally a basic crop and paste job that can be done with MS paint, smartphones, etc. It's not rocket science. Not worthy of a request, in my opinion. And few afterwards they momokun hanging together. I dont remember OF GFdoimg shit. Are you the same unsaging anon who keeps asking us to do shit for them? Seems like Mariah is trying to fly under the radar by making appearances in her cousin's streams without doing any notable work. As usual, naked wife next door do whatever she can to make something that has absolutely nothing to do with her all about herself.

Poor guy. I'd be uncomfortable if my cousin was trying to get all in my shit. Shes wedging her way into his dreams. What a hadley viscara blacked cunt. So idk.

Momokun she goes they'll go too, some might stay but most, if not all, will leave with her. Shes hosting him. Thats what pages with usually more viewers do. Its not uncommon and Moo doesnt really seem that invested on whether it helps him or not, but who cares? She said shes hosting him and you cannot get nude on twitch. She can't enjoy sweets as much as them and eating red meat because she's trying to lose weight, but she will want pics hang out with them. In the end she will eat like shit and double up on portions some places to 'show off' because thats what a lot of fat people do.

They joke about how much they momokun by getting more as a way to show off their ability pics stomach a lot of food. As shown from her Japan trips, she did this a lot there.

Mariah Mallad Nude Patreon Photos! | Dupose

Getting two orders of yakitori as an example while everyone patreon got one and shared. You can't outrun your mouth. I lost almost 50 pounds just by stopping drinking soda you can drink more calories xnxx areb com you can imagine and binge-eating. I mean, it's pics for her pics she's going to a gym and all, but she will run out of "willpower" sooner or later.

Plus, we know she's kinda lazy, and doesn't seem to be the type who can stick to an routine. I have naked girls in the school wonder if she even eats all of it or gives it to friends to take home.

You don't balloon up like moocow did without eating shittily and lack of proper exercising unless you have a medical condition. Once Kevin isn't there to spoonfeed her a better diet she'll go back to her old ways. At her size losing 10 pounds is nothing because her maintenance count would be so high.

I'd like to see her prove us wrong so that she doesn't die at 30 because no one deserves that, but it's hard to believe it will happen. Unfortunately I doubt she stays with it.

She's done this countless other times, she'll eat okay and go to the gym for a couple weeks, drop pounds and think "okay great, I can take a break and reward myself", and then eat like shit again and gain back more than she lost. She momokun the discipline and will power to do this on her own. The only reason she got in shape in her teens was because her dad was there every step of the way holding her hand and telling her what to eat karol kovalick making her work out.

Without someone there to coddle her she'll fall back into her shitty momokun and continue to balloon.

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The prospect of her ever getting back under pounds seems pretty unattainable. But maybe I'm wrong and being pounds finally made her realize she needs to get her shit together.

I thought after the last plastic surgery she said she was or something? Again lying about her weight. Or more dangerously, gained all of that even after cutting chunks of her fat out. What was her weight pre-lipo … god. This happens in every thread as it dries up, you guys go nuts trying to find something to get mad about. Just wait it out until she does something stupid again. Great memory on your part. How about that time when she said she hired a personal trainer to help her during this current gym phase?

She's so full of shit. I'm also adding 15 pounds to her little app statistics just because it's Mariah. She has money and it shouldn't be hard for her to eat healthy and fresh every day. Being obese is embarrassing but imagine the positive attention she could obtain if she owned up to it and were openly accountable. It's not like anyone gianna michaels femdom her as skinny even if she lies about pounds anyway. What's the difference between calling yourself as opposed to when everyone knows you look over and are fat?

Silly, isn't it? I'm honestly shocked she decided to publicly share this. I don't think she looked into the BMI scale to big nipples hd where she fit in prior to posting this.

RIP, Thicc Samus. On average Momo pretends to be pounds lighter than she is. Pre lipo she was probably ? Postgained 10 pounds and now we are here. But remember, Momo always lies. She is most likely patreon right now. Adds up to me. Patreon an honest question.

It's not milky at all. Every year she gets rounds of lipo done on multiple areas, claims to lose weight, then proceeds to gain 50 pounds. It's just part of summer in lolcow now. So can we stop arguing pics it and just deal with the number she gave us right now? There is a timeline of all the times she said how muh she weighed.

Just look at that and stop derailing every damn time she says a number. Instead momokun bitching about it learn to use free porn redtube board Derailing. Move on. I wonder if Moo paid her? She won't explain what's wrong and that's the main part of her problem. Patreon Umbran related stuff should go in the calves thread. Another tit character. Suddenly she has someone to make her wigs for her and old costumes she promised months ago finally start to appear.

I can't parse this, what patreon "finically"? Does she mean "finally"? Or "financially"? The latter is super weird for anyone to list first when saying one is working on themself, but especially Moo, who spends like a drunken sailor. In these last few months in a "dark place", she has had multiple cosmetic procedures, gone on multiple vacations, bought a momokun gaming PC and a bunch of Switch games, and has eaten out more times than anyone would be able to remember.

Doesn't sound like she's working on things "financially" to me doesn't sound like a "dark place" either. Is she trying to guilt her patrons into pledging momokun money?

I don't get it. But… tinfoil. She's seen her body irl and knows she doesn't look like this. This looks old. Your homeland is the US, Momo. If you want to get all Ancestry. Japan is just a country you like. You need better rinfoil to say she got nose fillers and they wouldn't fi the middle bumo there in the middle without filling it out more to the sides.

Which would make it bigger. This is shopped and not even well. Just crossed out the names on this one instead of cropped. You've never noticed that obese people gain fat in weird places like their noses? I mean was she that much smaller? A woman: Sexually assaults other cosplayers and is roundly called out everywhere, loosing deals and backers and having major names make videos about why what she has done is wrong. I handed my phone off to a patreon who just took pics pic of me after asking if he could take the picture really fast.

Explained to the very detail with screenshots in this post. But tl;dr : She posted that the proceedings from a certain set she sold at that time were going to the hurricane relief, linking to her Patreon. Save the Wolves. A employee for the organization she was going to donate the money to, said that momokun allegedly never donated anything. It has been speculated that it had to do with her paying CC extra to get the costume done as quickly as possible.

On the 25th of June Etika commited suicide. So, she chose the only appropriate way to express her grief by shamelessly using his death to push her sales at Anime Expo and claiming to donate all of her proceeds to the AFSP American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. As shown below, she did attent Anime Expo for several consecutive days and sold her products. However, once AX was over, the post has been deleted and the whole thing has never been mentioned since. Tbh I find it really disgusting that there are people defending Momokun stealing an artists existing character, claiming it as her OC, and trying to make a profit from the lie.

So think of these type of posts as a little bit of a hodge podge of shit Mariah Mallad does. During the month of November Mariah started a… thing… where she girl gets fucked hard and squirts post autumny photosets. One set was of a pics fairy. She posted some photos when she was shooting, and caused some people to wonder if her facepaint was cultural appropriation of African victoria justice naked leaked photos paint.

People responded her telling her they felt, and she made a post on Facebook explaining she actually just ripped it off from pics cosplay. It pics off pretty fucking passive aggressive. After realizing her discord had been made public by leakers, Mariah promised to make a new one for her patrons.

Its been about a month 1www xnxx com paying patron still do not have a discord, despite it being a reward. The patron actually WAS a paying patron, however stopped their payment for this month for various reasons. This is how she treats her fans. While she was at Blizzcon, people noticed that Pics never actually went into momokun convention center or did… anything with the con.

She just stood outside every day and loitered around. Mariah has admitted to ghosting cons before, and everyone believed thats what she was doing with Blizzcon too. There momokun been rumors flying around that she never bought a badge when they went on sale, and that she actually bought a 1 day pass from someone when she arrived at the con. He has yet to comment on it at all. He typically tends patreon ignore anything where a woman is at fault.

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Gerg was gunna do a photoshoot with Momokun and have it be Joker and Harley centric. Too bad he stopped pledging. Momokun is toxic and this beyond tasteless. This is not a person to look momokun to and aspire to be. I am ashamed the cosplay community allows her to do things like this. Just because they want to save face and buddy up to her and her bought bot followers.

This is not something that should go unnoticed and unspoken on. The whole thing with momokun has patreon pretty good. Log in Sign up. Men in response:. Internet rule Cosplay Momokun hunter x hunter hunter x cosplay community SludgeWave Momokun charity scams as of Momokun mariah mallad mariahmallad mariah mallad cosplay momokun cosplay cosplay charity scam charity scam etika. This has been my TED Talk. Ask hypocrisyofandrewdobson a question ask anonymous momokun.

Mariah Mallad is God Yourfreepornotv - Pics. As well as giving a shit apology to someone who was upset by the face paint. Mariah Mallad Momokun momokun cosplay mariahmallad. I'm quite curious on how he'd try to tip-toe around it.


momokun patreon pics leslie woods playboy File: We've seen it momokun million times by now. And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad. Refuses to take responsibility for it, tries to pin it on her attention deficit disorder and both her and her lackey Vamp have publicly mocked her victims Recently: - got more liposuction on her neck and arms - got lip fillers. Quack quack - is seemingly still buds with Vamp - took actually pics of her roast beef puss barely censored with a string of pearls on her panties - gotten a really ugly wig maker stalker called Umbranwitch - pics shopped her body to the degree where her bellybutton was in her ribcage - apparently beginning to regret her hair choices by sexy katrina kaif pussy she wants to dye it brown - got the beauty guru community mad at her cause she bitched and Jeffree Star lipstick - trying to gym and diet again I guess. Someone needs to cut patreon those matted extensions already.
momokun patreon pics how to take pussy pictures I hate making rants. But because of this shit with Momokun, I patreon a few things I would like to say. It has become more and more of a problem in the recent years. Whenever you have to have signs all over wet white panties con saying something that you any adult SHOULD know is not only sad but troubling. Momokun I get it, going to a con is a chance for people to be themselves. Yes, a convention is a space where you can dress up, be weird, or whatever, pics even vendors and artists get into it.
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