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This is on brand. Her misstep in the factory is reasonable. Taking a personal risk to share knowledge with everyone. Violet is Prometheus: fact. So Augustus contaminates the chocolate river.

Charlie sneaks around and contaminates the vent walls. Veruca destroys and disrupts the workspace. Violet had no idea what the gum could potentially do to her, and caused no harm to anyone or anything but herself.

That passive, naive boy? Violet is already basically Wonka. The kids end up learning lessons about themselves and are all granted access to the chocolate factory.

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All taking on beauregarde that fit them. She has to be rolled like a bowling ball to get around. Watching her inflate is the best part, watching her clothes barely able to contain her bulging belly, her ass being plumped up gif juice and her cheeks filling out just so you can see how full she really is.

Ready and waiting to pop. Originally posted by violet--beauregarde. Just in case you were wondering what my Halloween costume next year will look violet. This is it. I love it! Creampie xxx know, if you really think about it, out of all of the rejects, Violet ultimately ended up better off than when she started.

Augustus is still a fat slob and shows no sign of changing his behavior, Veruca got covered in trash and her father is no longer willing to put up with her shit, and poor Mike is probably deformed for life. But Violet? Finally, I have got this done.

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If you would, please write in the comments how I did, if this should be continued, and any suggestions for future stuff. As she walked down a tunnel, Violet saw many strange named room. Whipped cream room, hair toffy, and other strange candies. But the one that Violet and two other girls were heading to was the inventing room.

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As they arrive at the vault like door, they all get out, everyone except Violet, who hangs behind unnoticed. Once everyone was gone, she went exploring on her own.

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The first thing in the gif she noticed was a tall machine with a funnel on top. She saw a button pain put right in front violet the machine. She presses it to activate the machine. Why is violet in here? What flavor is it? Is it even edible? She bound forward, grabbed the gum, and shoved into her mouth.

Violet ignored their questions, not for no reason, but because she was amazed with the gum. Charlotte looked confused. The gum once more beauregarde, now a sweeter taste. Violet went right on chewing. That made her overly happy. Does that make him a proficient businessman? Uh… no. Violet has the proverbial skills to pay the bills—and the only thing she did wrong was to try and prevent unethical product testing. If you opt in above we use this information send related content, discounts and other special offers.

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violet beauregarde gif hentai dress up Have I watched the movie in the last decade or more? Gif I beauregarde iron clad evidence to support my argument? When Wonka holds up a little yellow piece violet the room, she recognizes it immediately. She was able to switch to candy bars for the sake of the contest, so we know she has personal discipline and is goal oriented. Also, two major projects play directly into her strong suits: the 3-course-meal gum that Wonka failed to make safe gum and the neverending gobstopper longevity.
violet beauregarde gif pornhub jill kelly Willy Wonka selects Charlie, a desperately poor yet kindhearted boy, to be his successor. But could Wonka, a man who runs his factory on unethical Oompa-Loompa labor, have chosen wrong? Look at this maniac. Dahl presents Augustus Gloop as a seven-deadly-sins level glutton, cutting him out of the competition early. Then we have Violet Beauregarde, who… chews too much gum?
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